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Step into a world of expert coaching with our PGA Pro. Uncover the golfer you were meant to be with tailored sessions and deep insights.
Our Trackman data analysis provide a clear picture, ensuring every swing gets you closer to perfection.


Unlock your potential with our cutting-edge simulators. Dive deep into your game with real-time feedback and refine your swing.
With state of the art tech, track and log every performance detail.

Social Play

Embark on a global golfing adventure. Choose from multiple courses worldwide, gather your friends, and dive into the fun.
Create your own social league and compete with friends in a multitude of formats.


Choose from a variety of options tailored to your needs.
Whether you're seeking consistent coaching, unlimited practice, or just a place to unwind and play, we have a membership for you.

Dive into Indoor Golf

We've combined the age-old game of Golf with cutting-edge Trackman tech, creating a place where every golfer can up their game. No matter their skill level.

It's a bit of the old, a bit of the new, and a whole lot of passion for Golf

At Swing Shack, our Trackman simulators are the heart of the magic. Imagine seeing your strengths and areas for improvement before your eyes. Our PGA professionals take the data and transform it into a personalised game plan, tailored for you. It's where golf science meets personal touch.

With Trackman it isn't just about understanding your ball flight; it's about visualising your swing in a way that makes sense. We show you the how’s and whys of each shot.

Golfer playing indoors on trackman simulators

Golf Lessons That Don’t Feel Like School

Precision-Driven Practice

Traditional Golf driving ranges might give you a feel, but Swing Shack gives you the facts.
It's not about guessing; it's about understanding your game with data-backed clarity. Every session, be it personal practice or a professional lesson, is designed for maximum yield in minimum time.

See to Believe

Improvement goes beyond just data. Our video analysis and metrics allow for a deep dive into your technique. With this visual feedback, PGA Pros will precisely guide actions to ensure measurable improvement.

FAQs @ Swing Shack

At Swing Shack, we’re proud to use the cutting-edge Trackman 4 and the first-in-South Africa Trackman iO technology. These state-of-the-art golf simulators provide unparalleled insights into your golf swing, ball flight, and overall indoor golfing experience, setting us apart as a leading indoor golf facility in Johannesburg.

Trackman technology offers precise, real-time data on your golf swing and ball flight. This advanced analysis tool enhances your golf lessons by providing a deeper understanding of your game, aiding both beginners and experienced golfers in making informed improvements with the help of our PGA-certified instructors.

The Trackman iO represents a groundbreaking leap in golf simulation technology. Featuring enhanced analytics, superior graphics, and an immersive experience, it’s the best option for golfers seeking a detailed and engaging analysis of their game in an indoor golf setting.

Absolutely! Trackman technology is incredibly versatile, offering valuable insights for golfers at all skill levels. Beginners can learn the fundamentals more effectively, while experienced players can fine-tune their game to a professional standard.
Swing Shack offers professional coaching from PGA-certified instructors. Our coaching is tailored to individual needs, focusing on movement and leveraging technology like Trackman to enhance your natural swing and achieve your personal golfing goals.
Yes, Swing Shack is the perfect venue for private events, including corporate gatherings, birthday parties, and social golf leagues. Our facility offers a unique blend of golf and entertainment for an unforgettable experience.
We offer a range of membership packages, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. From weekly lessons and unlimited practice to various exclusive benefits, our memberships provide an ideal way to enjoy Swing Shack to the fullest.
Trackman’s precise data on swing and ball flight is crucial for accurate club fitting. It ensures that your clubs are perfectly tailored to your style, maximizing your performance and comfort on the course.
Absolutely! Swing Shack is a family-friendly venue that welcomes golfers of all ages. We believe in making golf accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from juniors to seniors.
Yes, we regularly organize golf tournaments and competitions for various skill levels. These events are a great way to test your skills, meet fellow golfers, and enjoy the sport in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere
We maintain a relaxed and comfortable dress code at Swing Shack. Our aim is to ensure that all our guests feel at ease while enjoying their golfing experience.
Booking a session or event at Swing Shack is easy! You can reserve your spot through our website or by contacting us directly at 066 542 1522.
Our practice sessions at Swing Shack are enhanced by Trackman technology, allowing you to track every aspect of your game with precision. This provides a comprehensive and effective practice experience, unlike traditional ranges.
1 hour, including a 15-minute warm-up, video analysis, drills, cooldown, and recap.
A private, judgment-free environment where they can see and understand their movements leads to rapid improvement.
 Our PGA Pro has coached players at all levels, including those on the Asian and African tours.
Swing Shack employs a proven personalised teaching method, focusing on individual goals to drive measurable improvements.

The Team



Dave didn't just follow the golf ball; he chased the secret behind the perfect swing.
After touring the pro scene, he realized his real win was in coaching, helping others hit their stride on the green.



Swing Shack’s front-of-house, starts by prepping the Trackman for action.
She takes Swing Shack from 'sleep mode' to 'golf-ready.'
Between greeting golfers and keeping our systems smooth, she’s also the behind-the-scenes hero juggling marketing and admin.

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